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Having worked in tech-focused companies for over a decade, my focus is on building a better tomorrow through operations, technology, and people who love what they do.



Education leadership is changing with a student-focused voice. It’s time to provide a personalized learning experience that encourages a stimulated educational experience.


Integrated technology will be the new norm in the age of automation and data analytics. Let’s take a deeper dive into how this technology can help your company grow.


Businesses are constantly evolving and looking for new ways to apply technology in a strategic focus. I focus on these changing landscapes and how they work.

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A little about me.

Growth Mindset

Being from Louisiana, diversity, and strength are two words that come to mind for those growing up in the bayou state. Having learned the values and benefits of both, I strive to incorporate these into everyday situations whether it’s in the boardroom or in a small village around the world.
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Strategic Partnerships

Developing partnerships, working with various ministries/departments of education, and in charge of accreditation efforts for multiple institutions in Europe, North & South America.

Data-Backed Solutions

Whether leading teams (300+), performance improvement plans (KPIs) or developing new educational programs (23 & counting), I am consistent in delivering results for small & large organizations alike.

My goal while working with any company is the long-term residuals that are compounded through daily growth and being strategic about the long-term gains.

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Developing a simplified, straight-forward approach to strategic leadership.

What I Write About

What is Performance Leadership? 

What is Performance Leadership? 

What is Performance Leadership?  In the past, business executives used to talk about performance as a process, but today "performance" has become a vague term, often used to describe individual leaders' traits or accomplishments. Instead of being a process,...

How Leaders can be More Inclusive in the Workplace

How Leaders can be More Inclusive in the Workplace

How leaders can be more inclusive in the workplace begins with transparency. Sometimes, leaders are unaware of particular dynamics within the work environment that may exclude their employees from opportunities or create barriers to their success. To truly learn how...

How to become a World-Class Leader

How to become a World-Class Leader

Becoming a world-class leader is no easy task.  On top of the heavy competition related to gurus and programs meant to cater to the average person. You must also focus on becoming the best version of yourself.  This requires you to have certain personality traits that...

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